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The Ritual Dress

 - (265,00 Eur )

The process in which The Ritual Dress has been made is very special. Our new alchemy print has been hand drawn by Vanja Vukelić of Merakilabbe, and then hand printed meter by meter in a local women owned screen printing studio two blocks from our headquarters in Barcelona.

Each dress was sewn by hand with love in our factory just outside the city. The material used for this dress is Tencel, a sustainable fabric which has the feel / drape of silk, and is manufactured using recycled chemicals from cotton production.

This wrap dress can be worn two ways. Either wrapping in the front for a low cut across the chest, or wrapped in the back for a classic square neckline.

This dress is very limited edition and will not be produced again. We hope you love it as much as we do x

100% Tencel. Made in Barcelona.

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